Our Services

Our Services

Strategic Load Planning

We've got the best logistics mapping tools to direct and keep your trucks heading to the freight hot-zones.

Personalized Service

We specialize in tailoring your carrier service, specifically for you. Let us know your desired regions, home-time requirements, and freight 'no-no's' and we'll do the rest.

Quality Over Quantity

Our dispatchers manage no more than five trucks each as we want to ensure that our clients are provided with the best service possible.

Our Dispatch Service Includes:

  • Higher rate negotiation
  • Credit checks of brokers
  • Set-up paperwork
  • Assist drivers with Truck Order Not Used (T.O.N.U)
  • Detention time assistance
  • Establishing your break even point
  • Access to our special rates & relationships
  • Direct access to your dispatcher

Our Packages and Fees

Choose Your Fleet Size
* Prices May Vary Depending on Services Requested*

1-5 Trucks

8% Fee

5-9 Trucks

6% Fee

10 or More

5% Fee

Equipment Types

53’ Dry Vans

48/53' Flatbed

53’ Reefer

26’ Box Truck

Power Only

We can set you up with a factoring service at no additional charge to you. Contact our freight management company today to get started. We help truck dispatching companies in the United States with one-on-one consulting services as well.
  • MC Number and active authority
  • A qualified driver
  • Truck and trailer combo
  • Copy of CDL for each driver
  • Signed W9
  • Proof of insurance: $1,000,000 in auto-liability and $100,000 in cargo coverage
  • Registration and security deposit that goes towards your last week of service.
  • Completed Dispatcher Carrier Agreement PDF

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We are committed to empowering carriers and fueling their growth in the trucking industry. With our comprehensive range of services and unwavering support, we provide carriers with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive

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